Mould Base Manufacturing

Imosys started its journey with making mould bases 8 years ago. In short span of time, today Imosys is the largest mould base maker in India in terms of quantity. We make one mould base in every 5 hours. Our target is to double our production capacity in next two years when Imosys completes its one decade of operations. Continuous improvements, innovation and automation are the key parameters for our success.

We have implemented Industry 4.0 practices in our operations. With one and half decade of our industry experience, to keep the cost under control,  synchronization is done in deploying machinery, equipments, cutting tools, measuring instruments and people skill. Our strategic location at Belgaum which is well connected with highways, railways and air helps us serving whole India at reasonably high pace.

Mould Base Types
Die-Sets Size
  • Length: 1500 mm
  • Width: 1000 mm
  • Height: 1000 mm
Market Sectors
  • Automotive
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Home Appliances / FMCG
  • Toys
  • Medical
  • Aerospace
  • Wind Power

Speed & Accuracy


Mould Base
Enquiries in 8 years


Manufactured Mould
Bases in 8 years


Mould Bases per month

24 x 7

Imosys never sleep

8-21 days

Lead Time

1 MB

Every 5 hours