Krishna Sharma

Krishna Sharma

General Manager (Sales & Marketing)

Krishna Sharma, as a General Manager  – Sales and Marketing formulates the customer strategies. His approach: “The Customer First” keeps Imosys always customer centric. He is with Imosys from the inception. 

With his journey of 8 years with Imosys, he developed the strong customer base. Started with one customer, under his leadership, as of now, Imosys has served more than 130 customers. His dynamics is keeping Imosys highly responsive to its customers. He is bridging a strong bond between the customer and operational team.

He is leading his team from the front at every step of the way.  

Prior to Imosys Krishna has worked with reputed organizations like HAL, Eaton Aerospace and LM Wind Power at different positions.

Krishna holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Marketing Strategies.