Sagar Khot

Sagar Khot is head of Finance & Accounts at Imosys. He oversees all financial management activities for the company. Draws short terms and long terms financial plans. Prepares and controls budgets. Sagar maintains zero tolerance in statutory compliance.  He brings in nearly 25 years of rich experience in finance and accountings.  Sagar holds a degree […]

Kalpesh Parikh

Kalpesh Parikh is head of manufacturing at Imosys. He oversees all manufacturing activities from conversion of raw material to finished goods. He brings in more than two decades of extensive experience in mould industry. His core competencies are adopting new tools and techniques in manufacturing with strong command in Cam Software.  Kalpesh brings in 19+ […]

Somshekhar Chikkamath

Somshekhar Chikkamath heads Imosys Design and Engineering Team. Somshekhar is mostly called by his nickname “Som”. He carries a high reputation for his excellence in design & development for complex parts in Mould Industry in Central India. His concepts of design are so robust, there is hardly need of any rework in design once the […]

Makarand Gadre

Makarand Gadre is head of operations at Imosys. He heads all mould development activities from design review to final part validation. With his more two decades of extensive experience in mould industry, he adds value through his inputs for sustainable designs. His manufacturing excellence ensures that moulds are manufactured to the finest precision. Through his […]

Krishna Sharma

Krishna Sharma, as a General Manager  – Sales and Marketing formulates the customer strategies. His approach: “The Customer First” keeps Imosys always customer centric. He is with Imosys from the inception.  With his journey of 8 years with Imosys, he developed the strong customer base. Started with one customer, under his leadership, as of now, […]